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4th World Congress on Protein & Biomedical Engineering

4th World Congress on Protein & Biomedical Engineering

Date : 15 - 16 Mar 2018
Location : Singapore, Singapore
Category : Chemicals proudly announce “4th World Congress on Protein & Biomedical Engineering” which will be held during March 15-16, 2018, Singapore.We organize 1000+ Global Events every year in Conference series, on Clinical, Medicine, Pharma and Science & Technology every year across USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and UK with support from 1000 more scientific societies and publishes 700+ open access journals  which contains over 100000 eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board and organizing committee members.

Protein Engineering Congress 2018 is a multidisciplinary field with research interests covering all aspects of modern molecular and cellular biochemistry. Biochemistry is often considered as a tool to investigate and to study molecular biology. It deals with the structure, function and interactions amongst biological macromolecules.

The theme of the conference "Protein and Bio-Medical Engineering - A Roadmap for Advanced Research Initiatives", will focus on the study of the molecular mechanisms by which genetic information present on DNA is able to result in the processes of life. Biochemistry has its applications in various fields. The findings of biochemistry are applied primarily in medicine, nutrition, and agriculture. In medicine, biochemists investigate the cause and cure for the disease. In nutrition, it leads to maintain health and effects of deficiency of nutrients. In agriculture, biochemists investigate soil and fertilizers, and try to discover ways to improve crop cultivation, storage and pest control.

Why to attend?

Protein Engineering Congress 2018 is a vast emerging discipline that uses genetic information from an individual as part of their clinical diagnostic care (e.g., for diagnostic or therapeutic decision-making) and the health outcomes and policy implications from that clinical use. Protein Engineering Congress 2018 provides a platform where you can meet top notch experts in the field and molecular biology to discuss molecular mechanisms by which genetic information encoded in DNA. 

Protein Engineering Congress 2018  mainly focusses on the universities, institutes, research centers and major societies along with companies which hold a big market in laboratory technologies. Target audience involves students, faculties, researchers, scientists, dean, directors and CEO's of the companies.

Our Conference will provide a perfect platform to enlighten knowledge through:

· Innovative talks by the experts of the global scientific community

· Sterling workshop and sessions

· Remarkable Awards and Global Recognition to meritorious Researchers

· Global Networking with 50+ Countries across the globe

· Novel Techniques to Benefit Your Research

· Global Business and Networking Opportunities

· Exquisite Platform for showcasing your products and International Sponsorship

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