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Small-Scale LNG Summit

Date : Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Location : Milan, Italy
Category : Oil & Gas

Small-Scale LNG Summit is an industry-targeted event that provides the opportunity to meet with LNG professionals and discuss industry challenges providing potential solutions. With an intensive Summit schedule, you will have access to considerable knowledge and expertise of recognised LNG executives, who will share insights about the importance of developing small-scale LNG infrastructure, its opportunities and challenges, global market trends, solutions for making LNG commercially successful and even more relevant topics. It is a great place to build business partnerships and design the future of the small-scale LNG industry together.


• How can small-scale LNG contribute to the growth of LNG demand?
• Importance of developing SSLNG infrastructure that will support the marine bunkering industry.
• Small-scale project flexibility and how can SSLNG projects be cost-effective and drive innovation.
• SSLNG construction, latest developments and green initiatives.
• Synergy between nations and companies. Governments and EU policy support in developing SSLNG projects.
• SSLNG assistance in interconnectivity between markets. How physical connectivity links to security, diversification and ability to negotiate?
• Latest market trends. How market diversification and interdependence will help in regional gas market development.

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