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Date : 18 - 21 Oct 2017
Location : Brisbane, Australia
Category : Cosmetics

It is our great pleasure to invite you to join us in sub-tropical Brisbane, Australia, for a joint meeting of the 9th World Congress of Melanoma and 14th International Congress of the Society for Melanoma Research.

The joint congress will bring together the world’s leading melanoma researchers and clinicians to showcase the latest developments in melanoma diagnosis, treatment and research.

This global summit will accelerate scientific and clinical investigations into melanoma, providing an opportunity for delegates from multi-disciplinary fields to meet in a warm climate to exchange knowledge and expertise.

We plan to inspire new partnerships and innovations, and will offer a range of significant cant benefits to international delegates from across the world, including opportunities to explore new professional horizons that pivot from a uniquely global focus on melanoma and skin cancer control.
The stage for the joint meeting will be set in an exciting time for the world melanoma community, with medical and scientific discoveries expected to transform melanoma prevention, diagnosis and treatment worldwide.

Brisbane is a blue-sky city, known for its spectacular scenery and laid-back lifestyle. The perfect place to convene, it is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most impressive conference cities, offering delegates the opportunity to enjoy the finest aspects of Australian customs and natural heritage.

We welcome you to join us!

Abstract Submission Opens
18 October 2016

Abstract Submission Closes
7 May 2017
Details can be downloaded from here.

Plenary 1 – Melanoma epidemiology and early diagnosis
“Neville Davis and Gerald Milton Lecture”
Keynote Address: Adèle Green, Australia – The changing epidemiology of
cutaneous melanoma: 1967-2017
Harald Kittler – Delays have dangerous ends! Who benefits from early detection?
Iris Zalaudek – No one should die from melanoma; Vision or Impossible Mission?
Allan Halpern – The changing landscape of melanoma detection

Plenary 2 – Society for Melanoma Research
Keynote Address: Levi Garraway, USA
Additional speakers to be confirmed

Plenary 3 – Staging, surgery and targeted therapies for melanoma
Keynote Address: Axel Hauschild, Germany – Targeted therapies and combination approaches in metastatic melanoma
Jeffrey Gershenwald, USA – The new AJCC melanoma classification
Alexander van Akkooi, Netherlands – Controversies on lymph node management
John Thompson, Australia – Surgery for stage 4 melanoma patients: Is it still worthwhile?

Plenary 4 – Immuno-oncology in melanoma
Keynote Address: Antoni Ribas, USA – Rationale for immunotherapy in melanoma
Caroline Robert, France – Latest results of immunotherapy in melanoma
Jacob Schachter, Israel – Adaptive T-cell transfer in the era of checkpoint inhibition
Reinhard Dummer, Switzerland – Checkpoint inhibition beyond PD-1 and CTLA-4 inhibition

Plenary 5 – Future perspectives
Keynote Address: Boris Bastian, USA – Unsolved questions in melanoma genesis
Grant McArthur, Australia – Genetic testing for skin cancer in 2017 and beyond
H Peter Soyer, Australia – Future perspectives of early detection of skin cancers
Georgina Long, Australia  – Highlights in melanoma from 2017
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Cnr Merivale and Glenelg Streets South Brisbane QLD 4101 AUSTRALIA
Brisbane, Australia