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Oil and Gas Industry in a New Epoch

Oil and Gas Industry in a New Epoch

Date : Tuesday, 27 June 2017
Location : London, United Kingdom
Category : Oil & Gas

London is at the heart of the global financial sector. Its prime location and investor profile attract international oil and gas companies seeking to raise capital. The SPE London Annual Conference in conjunction with the SPE London section leverages the city’s unique position to foster connection between members of the oil and gas community and the financial sector.

2017 Conference Abstract

Since the collapse of oil prices in late 2014, petroleum industry players have worked towards reducing costs and increasing production efficiency, whilst coping with a dramatic drop in investments. Following a historic decision towards the end of 2016 by major OPEC and non-OPEC producers to cut production, prices have recovered and a floor price of around USD 50 a barrel appears to have been established after a roller-coaster ride of more than two years. Politically, 2016 was marked by Brexit and victory for the Republican candidate in the US presidential election. As other major economies of the Euro zone go to the polls in 2017, it is to be seen how the global political landscape, as well as energy and environmental policies, will be shaped by the outcome of these elections and what impact they will have on the global economy, petroleum demand and the oil and gas industry in general.

Fundamentals of global supply and demand, the swift response of US shale producers to oil and gas price movement, and financing options available to producers will all continue to have their impact on global oil and gas prices as well as investment in exploration and development activities. As oil price volatility reduces, the valuation gap between sellers and buyers/investors is expected to narrow, resulting in increased Acquisition and Divestment activity.

By all accounts, 2017 will be an exciting year for the oil and gas industry. As new realities unfold, we will embrace new ideas and adopt new approaches to doing business and transform our industry towards a vibrant, profitable and sustainable future in this new epoch.

  • ENHANCE your knowledge through the four keynote and technical sessions with high-level speakers from the finance and oil and gas industry
  • INCREASE your network by connecting with finance and E&P professionals
  • UNDERSTAND the challenges for monetising assets and solutions presented by both asset owners and financiers
  • EMBRACE new ideas and adopt new approached to doing business
  • INVEST in yourself and be a part of a selected group of influencers
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Aldersgate Conference Centre
200 Aldersgate, St. Pauls, London EC1A 4HD, United Kingdom
London, United Kingdom