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Blockchain in Banking

Blockchain in Banking

Date : Friday, 15 June 2018
Location : Madrid, Spain
Category : Finance & Banking

Blockchain technology has created waves around the world by bringing transparency and massively reducing costs in many industries. In order to stay competitive, more and more banks are adopting Blockchain technology which will allow them to further improve the transaction velocity, reduce fraud risks and boost their business growth by offering holistic payment solutions.
Regulators and central authorities are also aiming to harness Blockchain to future-proof payment systems and encourage banks to modernise their legacy payments infrastructures for an efficient, secure and more transparent banking service.
In 2017, Kinfos Events identified the growing interest on this technology, which would be banking industry’s next frontier and this year we are launching Europe’s first dedicated conference-expo on this key subject. This unique initiative brings together some of the top innovators and leading experts from the Blockchain ecosystem including major Banks, key Regulators and selected Technology providers.
This show aims to address Blockchain in Banking from Ideation to Realisation. The technology has been there for a while so it’s time now to move from the proof-of-concepts (PoC) to actual implementation.
Join this one-of-a-kind show to obtain latest insights about the implementation costs, timelines for a smooth transition from a Legacy System to a Blockchain based system, how to address Privacy and Security concerns, how Blockchain can help banks to reduce overall costs, improve accuracy, promote faster transactions and much more. 


– Defining Blockchain in Banking.
– How Blockchain will bring potential savings in terms of cost and labor for the banking sector?
– Will the adoption of Blockchain by financial institutions decrease the susceptibility of fraudulent attacks on centralized servers?
– How Blockchain can be used in Clearing and Settlement?
– What does identity and privacy mean in the digital world, and how might Blockchain technology play a role?
– How Blockchain will fuel P2P Transfer, Cross Border Payments and Interbank Clearing?

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Madrid Spain
Madrid Spain
Madrid, Spain