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International Power Summit 2019

Date : 20 - 22 Feb 2019
Location : Berlin, Germany
Category : Power

After a successful event in Budapest in February, the 16th edition of the International Power Summit will be taking place in Berlin on 20-22 February 2019 where we will be once again bringing together industry experts from across the power generation sector from Europe and beyond.

In the last edition, we brought the discussion on renewable generation and storage on an equal footing with conventional generation, with its own stream of sessions. In 2019, we will be looking at this from a new perspective, uniting the separate worlds of renewable and conventional generation: with a reduction in conventional generation, how can the advanced technology in this sector be applied to the renewable sector?

But despite the future direction in favour of renewables, in many developing economies, conventional generation will still play a role in electricity production for some time to come, but how do you finance conventional generation when much of the financial sector is going green?

IPS 2019 will provide an exceptional platform for generating new business and help establish long term relationships with key clients through our customised face-to-face business meeting package. IPS is the best way to meet decision makers and solution providers and provide the most value to your organisation while attending the event. Each meeting is 30 minutes and you can book up to 10 meetings across both days of the forum.

The web-based scheduling system enables delegates and providers to select one-on-one business meetings that fit their current priorities and preferences. On site our dedicated team ensure these meetings are running to the schedule with your selected party.

Join us in Berlin to identify how to successfully master the current transition period and harness the new opportunities in the renewable sector whilst maintaining coal and gas generation.
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Berlin Germany
Berlin, Germany