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Date : 15 - 16 Mar 2018
Location : London, United Kingdom
Category : Finance & Banking

The first DevOps, Continuous Delivery-, & Software Development event for senior executives in the financial industry!
What does DevOps really mean for your business? What impact does it have and how can you implement it to reap the benefits? And how to develop software & things in a fast changing environment?

fintech:CODE brings together all stakeholders active in the DevOps scene to share their experience and expertise with you. fintech:CODE is part of the :CODE events series, facilitating DevOps & software development conferences for the retail, finance, logistics, health and the entire enterprise world!

Discover the latest in agile methods, technologies, tools, and leadership principles and how they will influence services, products and the entire business in the financial industry!

fintech:CODE is the first  international knowledge & project exchange platform bringing together 100+ senior level strategist, technology evangelists and DevOps practitioners from the financial sector.

Key Topics in 2017 – 10 Reasons to Attend
  1. Align DevOps, Engineering, Software development & EA M with your business strategy to deliver faster customer oriented services & better software
  2. Simplify and standardize the development and production environments by using cloud solutions / SaaS / PaaS
  3. Accelerate customer experience innovation through DevOps & develop continuous improvement frameworks
  4. Create a competitive intelligence culture: Learn how companies establish a culture of competitive intelligence to collect and share valuable information throughout the organization
  5. Gain insights on how software development, business architecture, process Improvement, application architecture can be an enabler for customer engagement
  6. Learn what the big driver behind the sudden big interest in agile, IoT and DevOps is.
  7. Compete for the future by knowing on how to intgrate continuous improvement and scaling DevOps
  8. Join conversations and discussions about how digitalization in retail needs DevOps & Agility
  9. Find efficient tools, methods & solutions in integration & deploying a fast moving DevOps organisation
  10. Hear do’s and don’ts on how to manage fast moving teams and how
And overall…. Be part of the first DevOps Event for the financial industry!
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