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Axolabs is located in Kulmbach, Germany. The company is a limited liability corporation (GmbH) wholly owned by LGC.

The majority of research groups in the field of nucleic acid and oligonucleotide-based therapeutics worldwide belongs to our clients, including >8 Big Pharma enterprises, >50 Biotech companies, >30 academic research institutes and Venture Capital firms. Moreover, we have collaborations with academic partners relating to own publically funded research projects.

Historically, the company was started under the name of Ribopharma AG in 2000 as the first company in the world to focus on RNAi therapeutics. In 2003 Ribopharma AG merged with Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc. to create the leading RNAi therapeutics company. In 2007 – in frame of a spin-off from Alnylam Europe AG – Roche Kulmbach GmbH was established as Roche's Center of Excellence for RNA Therapeutics and focused on the discovery of novel therapeutics based on oligonucleotides. In November 2011 the management bought out the assets from Roche Kulmbach GmbH and established Axolabs GmbH. In March 2017 Axolabs GmbH was acquired by LGC.
Molecular and Cellular Biology and in vivo Capabilities

State-of-the-art facilities
         S1 facility
         Safety level 2 cell culture lab

Safety and toxicology analyses
        PBMC assays to measure oligonucleotide-induced cytokine response
       Clinical chemistry; analysis of e.g., ALB, ALKPH, ALAT, ASAT, BILI, Ca, CHOL, CREAT, GGT, GKUC, Mg, P,          Protein, TRIG or Carbamide from biological fluids like serum, plasma or Urine (COBAS Integra)
       Differential cell counts from fluids after cytospin (Shandon)

Ligand-receptor interaction and uptake studies/histology
       Confocal LSM710 (Zeiss) for analysis with up to four channels in parallel
       Fluorescence microscopy (ApoTome, Zeiss)
       Histological sections from frozen and paraffin-embedded tissues

Analysis of mRNA up- and downregulation
       Quantigene® branched DNA assay
       Quantitative RT-PCR
       In situ hybridization

Cell-based assays for cell function, proliferation and toxicity
       In vitro monitoring of cell number and cell viability via xCelligence System
       Preparation (magnetic beads) and differentiation of specific cell types
       Standard cytotox and apoptosis assays

Custom-tailored preclinical Services
CRISPR/Cas-related technologies

Lead identification and characterization'

In vivo models to monitor cell type-specific oligonucleotide drug delivery to multiple tissues

Analysis in primary hepatocytes from various species

Protein analysis
            Quantification of multiple proteins from the same sample, as e.g. cytokine panels, byLuminex® Multiplex Reader or Meso Quickplex
            Classical ELISA and MSD-ELISA

Flow cytometry
            BD-LSR II for detection of up to 12 different fluorescent labels
            HTS device for 96-well plates

Address :  Fritz-Hornschuch-Straße 9
D-95326 Kulmbach
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Phone No :  +49 9221 82762 0
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