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Seamark Group
Seamark Group is a group of companies which brings more than 30 years of Maintenance and Repair knowledge into the industry. Experience from reefer- to electronic repairs and from spare parts to finished goods and logistics; we know how it works in every detail.

With this knowledge, we create cost effective programs for large global, but also small local companies. We do consulting, advising, marketing and even implement sales programs into your market place.
Seamark Reefer Solutions
Seamark Reefer Solutions is the largest independent reefer service provider in the Benelux. From PTI’s, modifications and service calls to workshops and training; our young and dynamic company has quickly grown to become the market leader in the Port of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

PTI (Pre Trip Inspection)
Before a container can be sent to the customer of the shipping lines to be loaded with cargo, it must first be inspected to ensure it is functioning well and meets the standards required for the shipment. These tests can include diagnostics of the reefer controller, hardware and components such as the compressor, motors and condenser/evaporator coils. The box itself is also inspected for structural damage and cleanliness.

Off/On Hire Service
Before and after a lease agreement can be completed, a reefer unit must first be inspected. If any repairs are necessary these must be estimated according to the equipment owners particular requirements and then both the lessee and lessor must agree upon these repairs. Seamark is an independent company free of any ties to shipping lines or equipment owners.

Address :  Koddeweg 2, 3194DH Hoogvliet Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Phone No :  +31 (0)10 - 438 63 69
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