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Green​ ​Shipping​ ​USA​ ​Summit​ ​reaffirms​ ​commitment​ ​to​ ​cleaner​ ​practices
Green​ ​Shipping​ ​USA​ ​Summit​ ​reaffirms​ ​commitment​ ​to​ ​cleaner​ ​practices
The Westin Bonaventure Hotel & Suites has finally settled down after the Green Shipping USA
Summit concluded on Wednesday. From September 12-13, delegates from the most prominent
Maritime companies across the value chain gathered in Los Angeles, California in support of
green shipping for two days of networking, collaboration, and debate.

One of the prominent speakers was Daniel M. Gianfalla from US Department of Homeland
Security who started off the proceedings with a presentation on Maritime Security. Along with
making suggestions about improving existing security measures, the National Maritime Security
Advisory Committee Member touched upon emerging threats like drones and cyber attacks. He
was not the only one to concentrate on modern technology advancements: Parker E. Larson,
Director Commercial Programs at General Dynamics Nassco introduced the attendees to
world’s first LNG-powered containerships - NASSCO’s Marlin Class and Erik Carlsen,
representing Clipper Group, covered Performance Optimization options. These presentations
highlighted the fact that Maritime professionals need to be more tech-savvy than ever if they
want to protect and grow their businesses.

In order for the Summit to warrant its name, a generous amount of time was dedicated to green
shipping. During the panel on Green Technologies in Marine Propulsion delegates from
Wärtsilä, U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) and Crowley Maritime Corporation, lead by
John Shock, Segment Manager at Caterpillar Marine, discussed new green technologies to
control emissions and pollution, efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to design ships
and other developments in this area. To add to green efforts Eleanor K.N. Kirtley presented
Green Marine’s Environmental Certification Program designed to reduce the environmental
footprint of marine operations by exceeding regulatory compliance and promoting a culture of
continuous improvement. The active participation and intelligent contributions in these
discussions proved that green shipping is an important topic to all Maritime professionals,
making this Summit a success.

Green shipping could not work without green ports, that’s why the second day of the Summit
was concentrated on reducing environmental impacts by introducing green port policies. Christopher Cannon, Director of Environmental Management at Port of Los Angeles, the host
city of the Summit, talked about Green Port Programs. This sentiment was shared by Rick
Cameron from Port of Long Beach, who gave a presentation on Sustainable Terminal
Development. Both speakers made a point about the need for zero emissions. A thought
expanded by Mary Byrd of Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District. Thanks to these
contributors, the Summit attendees learned about tools to make the air cleaner in their ports.
Between the engaging speeches and vigorous discussions, the attendees had the opportunity to
enjoy a special Networking Reception at the end of the first day of the Summit. The evening
kicked off with the celebration of the most outstanding and inspiring achievements of Maritime
industry companies during the Awards Ceremony. This year’s winners include Kristin Decas
from Port of Hueneme (Maritime Executive of the Year), Port of Hueneme (Greenest Port of the
Year), Contitech (Greenest Bunkering Solutions of the Year), Wärtsilä (Greenest Service
Provider of the Year), General Dynamics Nassco (Greenest Shipyard of the Year) and Crowley
Maritime Corporation (Greenest Shipowner of the Year). The companies and individuals were
awarded for their continuous dedication to green initiatives and successes displayed in their
respective categories throughout the year.

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