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Summit​ ​To​ ​Put​ ​Small-Scale​ ​LNG​ ​In​ ​The​ ​Spotlight
Small-Scale LNG Summit is coming to Milan on 20th of February, 2018! The attendees, who will
gather in Italy from all around the world, will discuss the opportunities and challenges the
small-scale LNG sector is facing.

The Summit agenda will provide insights into the present and future impact of Small-Scale LNG
projects on business practices and provide concrete ways, tools and methods to get the most
out of this growing market. The main topics that will be discussed are the importance of
developing SSLNG infrastructure, how these projects can contribute to the growth of LNG
demand and what innovations can be driven by the development of this sector. The policies of
governments and the EU for small-scale LNG projects will also be highlighted among other
important topics.

After intense discussions and informative presentations the event will also provide the
opportunity to relax during the Cocktail Reception. It will not only delight with amazing drinks
and pleasurable conversations but also give a chance to celebrate the achievements of
colleagues at the Small-Scale LNG Awards. The informal atmosphere of the social event will
help make connections with executives in order to build business partnerships and get face to
face time with potential clients.

As organisers, the Wisdom Events team, are looking forward to hearing critical business insights
and spirited discussions on the most important issues that arise when LNG professionals try to
tap into the potential of the small-scale market.

Small-Scale LNG Summit is waiting for you in Milan on 20th of February, 2018!
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