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Maritime Professionals to Gather in Los Angeles (September 12-13th, 2017)
Maritime Professionals to Gather in Los Angeles (September 12-13th, 2017)
After the success of the last year’s summit in Rotterdam, Green Shipping Summit is coming
to nowhere else but Los Angeles on September 12-13th, 2017 !

This shipping conference will gather the wide range of the key players in the maritime industry:
from shipbuilding companies to government bodies, in order to discuss the shipping news and
explore endless possibilities for the future.

Maritime transport contributes to a large amount of pollution, so ports are under constant
pressure trying to reduce the emissions. The International Green Shipping Summit held in
Europe has shown that, sustainable marine transport with minimal ecological and health
damage is now more important than ever before. There is no doubt that it is high time to make
the shipping industry a lot greener and treat environment with more respect.

With the rise of innumerable innovations, technological development, and shifting industry
trends, the maritime professionals need more opportunities to gather in one place with their
colleagues and learn from each other in order to find the best solutions to emerging problems,
provide insights and also discuss new industry drivers and pressures regarding green shipping.
Wisdom Events has taken a new exciting challenge to address such an important issue nowhere
else but in the United States, in Los Angeles, a huge and crucial player in the industry. We are
thrilled to contribute to the shipping sector by providing an interactive business platform for
networking and exchanging knowledge.

A two-day event will offer you an exceptional opportunity to hear about future trends, latest ship
engineering developments and future technologies, sustainable fuel supply in different regions,
emission regulations, as well as a large spectrum of other significant topics.
On behalf of the Wisdom Events team, we are looking forward to informative presentations,
eloquent debates and vibrant networking sessions in the closed-door environment. And we hope
that Green Shipping and Bunkering USA Summit will become a great annual tradition.

This is an incredible opportunity for everyone in the shipping industry to get together and share
their expertise, for the greater goal - to make the maritime market as green as possible. Green
Shipping Summit USA is where the environmentally friendly future start, save the date,
September 12-13th, 2017!

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