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Imperial College London
Fields of expertise: Chemicals
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Ed Tate is Professor of Chemical Biology in the Department of Chemistry, and started his independent research career at Imperial College in 2006, initially as a BBSRC David Phillips Fellow. Prior to this, he studied at the Universities of Durham and Cambridge, and undertook postdoctoral research in microbiology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris. He is a Fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Society of Biology, and has published more than 70 papers in the fields of chemical biology and drug discovery. He was awarded the Wain Medal (2012), the MedImmune Protein and Peptide Science Award (2013), and the RSC’s Norman Heatley Award (2014) for his achievements in these areas, particularly in the field of infectious disease. The Tate group undertakes research in chemical biology – the application of chemical principles to understand biological systems – with a particular focus on processes involved in disease and protein modification (PTMs). By combining chemical synthesis, medicinal chemistry, enzymology, structural biology, cell biology and proteomics, we and our collaborators work towards validation of novel drug targets that can circumvent resistance arising from existing drugs in infectious disease. In addition to very active research programs in parasitic and viral infection, we have used chemical approaches to discover novel potential targets in bacteria, including in Clostridium difficile (with Prof. Neil Fairweather) and Legionella (with Prof. Gad Frankel), and we have developed new technology for the comprehensive and quantitative profiling of bacterial lipoproteins. We have also collaborated with industry, undertaking chemical biology and proteomics studies aimed at discovering the targets of novel antibiotics with an unknown mode of action.

Experiance on Field

Professor of Chemical Biology Imperial College London August 2014 – Present (2 years 3 months) Honors & Awards The Norman Heatley Award Royal Society of Chemistry May 2014 The Norman Heatley Award recognises and promotes the importance of inter- and multi-disciplinary research between chemistry and the life sciences through independent work. Fellow of the Society of Biology The Society of Biology April 2014 The MedImmune Protein and Peptide Science Award Royal Society of Chemistry August 2013 President and Rector's Award for Excellence in Research Supervison Imperial College 2013 Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry Royal Society of Chemistry February 2013 Wain Medal and Lecture University of Kent October 2012

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