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Christopher Schofield

University of oxford
Fields of expertise: Chemicals
About The Speaker

Christopher Joseph Schofield (also known as Chris Schofield) is a professor of organic chemistry at the University of Oxford, Department of Chemistry. and a Fellow of Hertford College.[2] He is currently the Head of Organic Chemistry at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of the Royal Society.[4] Prof Schofield is an international leader in functional, structural and mechanistic understanding of enzymes that employ oxygen and 2-oxoglutarate co-substrates. His work has opened up new fields in antibiotic research, oxygen sensing and gene regulation. After groundbreaking work on plant and microbial oxygenases, he pioneered structurally informed functional assignments for uncharacterised human oxygenases. His research has identified unanticipated roles for oxygenases in regulating gene expression, importantly in the cellular hypoxic response, and has revealed new post-translational modifications to chromatin and RNA splicing proteins. The work has identified new opportunities for medicinal intervention that are being pursued by numerous academic and commercial laboratories.

Experiance on Field

Molecular Mechanisms of the Hypoxic Response Chemical Basis of Epigenetics Structural and Functional Studies on 2OG Oxygenases Antibiotics: Biosynthesis and Resistance Mechanisms

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